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This nice Steelhead was taken on a 3inch Orange Tiger, Pop-Eyed Rattler trolled by Will Bonine on the 24' Slickcraft, Jenicheal Joe, out of Pentwater, MI on Lake Michigan July 26, 2002. The Pop-Eyed Rattler is also effective cast or used for drop-back fishing.

The Pop-Eyed Ratter is temporarily unavailable. Please watch the site for it's return later in '04!


2oz Double Dancers (below,right) are the Hottest New Spoon behind a downrigger on the Great Lakes.

Fish-Itt First Lure Company offers two outstanding, fish catching baits: The Pop-Eyed Rattler and the Double Dancer.

The Pop-Eyed Rattler is a diving, suspending, rattling crankbait that is so different it's patented. The segmented body moves with a tight wobble and pushes water in a vibration that drives fish to attack it. Stop the retrieve and it suspends, triggering strikes. The rattles bring fish from far away. It is beautifully hand painted and comes in eight color patterns and two sizes. Our bug-eyed friend catches Walleye, Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, Coho, Steelhead, Brown trout, Pike, Stripers, Snook, Reds, and many others. The Pop-Eyed Rattler will become your favorite crankbait!

The Double Dancer is a patented spoon-type bait. It can be cast, trolled, jigged, or ripped. Its bulging eyes, unusual shape, and weight shifted to the back make it the longest casting lure on the market. The erratic action imitates a wounded bait fish that is just begging to be eaten. It comes in five sizes and fifteen colors. The die cast body is hand painted or chrome plated and the concave bottom surface sends out a concentrated flash that attracts fish from a great distance. One of the painted designs glows in the dark.

The Double Dancer was selected as one of In-Fisherman's© Walleye Guide 2001© new hot Walleye baits. It is also excellent for Bass, Trout, Steelhead, Snook, Chinook Salmon, Coho, Crappie, Stripper, Pike, and is a killer Ice Fishing lure. Many more types of Saltwater and Freshwater fish will hit a Double Dancer. You'll love this lure!

Back with popular demand is our all inclusive weekend fishing trips. These have been a massive success. You don't need to bring a thing, we've got all the latest rods, binoculars, reels, nets, bait and even the kitchen sink!!

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